Hall of Champions

Hall of Champions

The Hall of Champions is a museum-like display space commemorating the great individual and team achievements of Flying Dutchman athletics.

The project converted the old "big blue wall" outside the gymnasium into a beautiful display area, showcasing LVC's rich athletic history with displays of trophies, plaques, and other memorabilia. Above the cases, a large mural depicts great student-athletes and teams from a variety of eras in LVC history. A ribbon listing of LVC's all-Americans is also on the wall.

Outside the gym lobby area, banners and signs greet people to the sports center, and turning the corner to go down the main hall, visitors will see a flat-panel TV displaying news along with a hallway lined with championship banners and retired jerseys.

Funding for the Hall of Champions came thanks to LVC alumni, including their support through the 2009 LVC Golf Classic tournament.

Among the features of the Hall of Champions:

- Five glass-shelved and lighted display cases holding LVC trophies, plaques, and memorabilia
- A large mural depicting great student-athletes and teams from each LVC sport
- Beneath the mural, a strip honoring each of LVC's all-Americans
- A custom-painted backlit Hall of Champions sign
- New signage and banners welcoming visitors to the Arnold Sports Center
- A large flat-panel TV displaying the latest news and announcements to visitors
- Retired jerseys and championship banners hanging on the walls of the main hallway